The LEGRAND Group attaches the utmost importance to respecting your privacy and protecting your data.

In order to take the expectations of the "General Data Protection Regulation" into account, we have enriched our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for greater clarity and transparency.

If any, you will be notified of the changes brought to the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy so that you can continue to use our services with confidence.


Last update: June 2019


The Home + Control Solution is published by Legrand SNC
Société en Nom Collectif (General Partnership) with a registered capital of €6.938.885
128, av. du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
87045 Limoges Cedex (France)

Registered with the Limoges Trade and Companies Register under the number 389 290 586
VAT ID No. FR 15 389 290 586

By using the Home + Control Solution, you are accepting these Terms of Use. Please read them carefully.

The Home + Control Solution is governed by French law; users accessing the Solution from other countries must ensure that locally applicable legislation is observed.

These terms of use apply to all Products within the "with NETATMO" ranges (Non-exhaustive list: Céliane™, Mosaic™, Dooxie™, iDiamant™, Valena™ etc.).




In order to provide you with access to our services, we need you to create an account. We inform you that the Solution is unable to operate without this prerequisite.

The creation of an account entails unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use.

By creating an account, you confirm that:

You undertake to immediately notify the Legrand Group, at the address stated in the “Legal Notices” section, of any unauthorised use of your account, your ID or your password.

You must make sure that your ID and password, which must not be divulged or communicated to third parties, are kept strictly confidential, and take the necessary measures to ensure their security.

If the Legrand Group has legitimate reasons to believe that the security of the Solution is threatened or that the Solution is subject to unauthorised use of your means of identification, it may temporarily suspend your account, in order to preserve the integrity of the Solution and data in particular, and, if deemed appropriate, demand the modification of your means of identification.

Registration cancellation

You are free to cancel your registration at any time by contacting us (see the section Contact us). Should you forget your password or encounter difficulties in accessing your account, you may request the deletion of your account.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Legrand Group is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights related to both the structure and content of the Solution. Trademarks mentioned (non-exhaustive list: Legrand ® , Céliane™, Mosaic™, Plexo™, Netatmo ® , Dooxie™, iDiamant™, Valena™ etc.) are registered trademarks.

These Terms of Use in no way entail the transfer to you of intellectual property rights related to either the structure or the content of the Solution.

Any partial or full representation or reproduction for any use other than your own private personal use for non-commercial purposes, on any medium and by any process whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without written authorisation from the Legrand Group. Any violation of intellectual property rights would constitute an infringement.

You expressly undertake to refrain from using the Solution in any way that would infringe on the rights of the Legrand Group.


Minors aged under sixteen are not the target user group of the Solution. However, access to the Solution is not confined solely to adults as it contains no content prohibited for persons under the age of 15.

The Solution does not intentionally collect or use personal information relating to persons under the age of 15. If information on a minor is collected by the Solution, his or her legal representative is able to contact the Consumer Affairs Department or the Pro Relations Department at Legrand to have such information rectified, modified or removed (see article on Users’ Rights).


The Legrand Group processes your personal data in compliance with applicable regulations. You can consult the data processing terms and conditions in the "Privacy Policy" document.


Given the technical characteristics of the Internet network used for the purpose of using the Solution, you declare that you are aware of and accept risks that are directly or indirectly related to the provision and transmission of data on this network.

Although the Legrand Group makes every effort to provide a reliable Solution and despite every care taken to ensure its operation, it is possible that errors may remain in the Solution. In no event shall the Legrand Group incur any liability for direct or indirect damage that could arise from accessing the Solution or from using the information it displays (e.g.: errors, omissions, inaccessibility, loss of data, damage, destruction or viruses that might affect your computer equipment). You are, therefore, asked to perform all necessary checks and regularly update the Solution.

In particular, the Legrand Group shall not be held liable for the presence of viruses on the Solution or any other malicious software (such as worms, Trojan horses, spyware, etc.). In this respect, you undertake to take all necessary security measures. Accordingly, you recognise that you use the Solution at your sole liability and are invited to carry out all necessary checks. In particular, it is your responsibility to implement or ensure the presence of means to secure your personal computer network, as well as to ensure proper configuration of the router connected to the Internet service provider and other wireless access methods (e.g.: WIFI, 4G, etc.).

The Legrand Group's liability shall not be incurred in the event that access to the Solution is interrupted. Also, the Legrand Group may temporarily or definitively interrupt access to the Solution. In order to guarantee the effectiveness and security of the services, we reserve the right to make modifications to the technical characteristics of the services at any time.
To the full extent allowed by law, in no event shall the Legrand Group or its partners be held liable for indirect damages, loss of earnings or damages arising from data loss or operating loss caused by use of or inability to use the Solution or its content, whether on the basis of a contract or a tort and whether or not the Legrand Group was advised of the possibility of such damages.

In the event of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances (such as the interruption of connections and/or electricity supply), the Legrand Group reserves the right to suspend or interrupt operation of the Solution without prior notice. In the event of force majeure, Legrand's obligations shall be suspended for the duration of such force majeure.

The following are expressly considered to be cases of force majeure, in addition to those with criteria upheld by law and legal precedents in French courts and tribunals: fires, storms, lightning, strike action, floods, earthquakes, epidemics, attacks, explosions, wars, military operations or civil disorder, obstruction of means of transport or supply, energy supply stoppages, computer viruses, electrical and electromagnetic phenomena that disturb mobile networks, any legislative or regulatory restriction on the supply of all or part of the Solution, and any decision made by a public authority that is not attributable to Legrand and that prevents the supply of the Solution, in particular restrictions or decisions related to trade imposed by a national or international body or authority, as well as all modifications to such restrictions or decisions, and in general events that have required the application of local or national plans to ensure the continuity of telecommunications services.

WARNING: The content of services is presented in a summarised manner, for information purposes only. Data, measurements and any other sort of content provided by the Services are provided without any guarantees as to their exact nature and must not be used as a source of information on which to base your decision.


Using your account, you may subscribe to third-party services. In order to subscribe to third-party services, you must accept the specific general terms of use that apply to such services. The decision to subscribe to these third-party services or otherwise is yours alone. You acknowledge that the possibility of subscribing to these third-party services is provided to you as a service by the Legrand Group, but that the Legrand Group has no means of controlling these third-party services. The Legrand Group therefore formally refuses to accept any liability for these third-party services and shall in no event be held liable for direct or indirect damages that may arise from accessing or using such third-party services.


The Legrand Group grants you the right to consult, use and access the Solution. Equipment and material resources, in particular telecommunication costs, enabling access to the Solution are entirely your responsibility.

The Legrand Group has put measures in place designed to ensure that the personal data collected via the Solution are kept secure. However, the Legrand Group would like to draw your attention to the possible risk in terms of confidentiality of data, due to the way the Internet operates.

The Legrand Group would like to notify you that the Application is not intended for use in the design or operation of nuclear power plants, life support systems, in the field of aviation or in any other field where a failure of the Application might entail death, bodily harm or serious damage. You shall therefore not use the Application to perform critical activities, including, but not limited to, military, nuclear or medical activities, which require uninterrupted service.

You may only use this Solution in accordance with these Terms of Use and in accordance with applicable laws.

In particular, you undertake to:

Without prejudice to all its other rights, the Legrand Group reserves the right to close your account, without notice, if it deems, at its sole discretion, that you are in breach of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use or applicable laws.

Should you fail to comply with these Terms of Use and should we not take immediate action in response, this shall not be construed as a waiver of our rights. The Legrand Group will therefore still be able to take subsequent action on the matter.

The Legrand Group reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make improvements or amendments to the information, services, products and other elements of this Solution, or even to shut it down.

Should it transpire that one of the provisions of these Terms of Use is invalid, this shall in no way affect the other provisions of these Terms of Use.


Should the present document be modified, you will be informed of such modification and will be asked to renew you consent to the terms of this document.


The Solution and the terms and conditions of its use are governed by French law regardless of the place of use. In the event of any dispute and after an attempt to find an amicable solution has failed, the courts within the jurisdiction of Limoges (France) shall have territorial competence to hear any dispute relating to the Solution.


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